Downloading IronSocket Software and Products

We want to remind everyone that the only safe place to download IronSocket products from is the IronSocket website,

We have made no distribution arrangements with any other websites to offer our products.  Any IronSocket installation programs you find outside of our website are not authorized and most likely contain malware that will be installed on your system.

It is common for free software download websites to take installation programs for legitimate software and repackage them with malware.  Always play it safe and only download products from legitimate sources.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

PayPal Recurring Payments

Today, PayPal reported a technical issue that made it necessary for them to reverse subscription payments to some customers who have pre-approved (recurring) payments configured for IronSocket in their PayPal accounts.

If you automatically make payments with PayPal pre-approved payments, please check you PayPal account to make sure that this has not affected your most recent payment or your automatic payment configuration.

If you pay with credit/debit card, Bitcoin, gift card, or manually make your subscription payments with PayPal, this issue will not affect your subscription.

Network Additions for May

Here are the additions we’ve made to our network for May:

  • Activated our first Helsinki VPN and HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy server
  • Added HappyOn (formerly Hulu Japan)
  • Added Hulu Live TV

IronSocket Windows Client Open Beta

We are very pleased to announce that all active subscribers now have access to the beta testing program of our custom IronSocket client for Microsoft Windows systems.

We created this client with our customers in mind, making it easier than ever to connect to our VPN network. You can also use it to configure DNS Proxy and to automatically whitelist your IP address.

If you use any IronSocket services with Windows, you’ll definitely want to give this application a try.  You can download the application by logging in to your account on and then clicking on the Windows Beta link in the Manage Your Account

DNS Check Tool

We have corrected a minor problem with our DNS Check tool that had the potential to produce inaccurate results for a small number of users.