Announcing our Annual Summer Sale!


Great news, everyone!  We have just kicked off our second annual Summer Sale!  From now until the end of July, we’ll be offering a 50% discount on all subscriptions.

Existing, inactive, and new subscribers can now save big on any subscription to the great services we provide. If you currently have an active subscription with us you’ll first need to be logged into your account to take advantage of this offer.  Go to, then pay like you normally would using the coupon “2018IDSale” on Step 3 of the payment process. Once you have paid, please contact customer support and they will manually update your current subscription.

New customers can also use the coupon code “2018IDSale” to save big.  Just click the link or the banner and the coupon will be applied automatically.Enhance your online privacy with a subscription to IronSocket!  This sale will end on July 31, 2018.

Как разблокировать Telegram в России

Если вы живёте в России и используете Telegram, то вы знаете что Роскомнадзор сейчас блокирует это приложение. Этого и следовало ожидать. Высший суд России обязал компанию Telegram дать ключ шифрования к файлам ФСБ, но компания отказалась. Павел Дуров, который основал социальную сеть Вконтакте в 2006 году, является основателем и главой компании Telegram. Он написал в Твиттере что этот запрет успеха не имел и его компания продолжит стоять за свободу и право на частную жизнь.

Мы одобряем приверженность Павла Валерьевича этим идеалам. У нас 100 серверов в 40 странах и IronSocket’s VPN service это хорошее решение этой проблемы. В течение следующих 4-х недель мы предлагаем 30% скидку на все наши планы подписки. Зайдите на нашу страницу, выберите план который вам подходит, и используйте код ТЕЛЕГРАММ на Этапе 3 при процессе оформления.

Если у вас есть какие-то вопросы, напишите нам.

Unblock Telegram in Russia

If you live in Russia and you use Telegram, you know that Roskomnadzor is blocking it now.  This is not unexpected.  Telegram was ordered by the Supreme Court to give the encryption keys to the FSS and the company refused.  Pavel Durov, who founded VK in 2006, is Telegram’s founder and leader.  He said in a Twitter post that this ban will not be successful and his company will continue stand for freedom and privacy.

We applaud Pavel Valerievich for his commitment to these ideals. We have 100 servers in 40 countries so IronSocket’s VPN service is a good solution for this problem.  For the next four weeks, we are offering a 30% discount on all our subscription plans. Visit our subscription page, select the plan that meets your needs, and use the code ТЕЛЕГРАММ on Step 3 of the checkout process.

If you have questions, you may to write to us.

Bitcoin Payments


A change to the Payment Process

BitPay, our Bitcoin payment processing service, has changed their process to make payments more secure.

The BitPay invoice now displays a Payment Protocol URL or a Payment Protocol QR code instead of a bitcoin address.  In order to make a payment, you will need to use a wallet that is compatible with Payment Protocol.  The Bitcoin Payment Protocol standard was developed in 2013 to make bitcoin payments faster, safer, and less prone to error. By using a a wallet compatible with the payment protocol, you can avoid mistakenly sending funds to an attacker, prevent under-payments and over-payments, and speed-up your transactions.

How to Use Payment Protocol

To make a payment you will need a wallet which supports the standard. You can see which wallets work with BitPay here.  There are also instructions on how to move to a Payment Protocol-compatible wallet.

If you are unable to use a wallet that supports the protocol, you can also send a payment directly to our wallet.  After sending the payment, please send us the transaction ID and we will manually check.

Our wallet address is 14M3B4AfPiCnjJ3nbc1Ez43cWEerLp3nsv

As always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write to us.

Gaming Google to Mine Crypto

Ars Technica reports that attackers are using Google’s DoubleClick ad platform to display ads that contain a malicious element to mine cryptocurrency.

What is crypto mining?

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium, are digital currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions, verify transfers, and to control the creation of new units of the currency.

Cryptocurrencies do not have a central controlling entity such as a governmental treasury department.  Instead, control is decentralized into blocks.  Each block contains a timestamp, transaction data, and a link to a preceding (older) block.  When a series of blocks are linked together, that is a blockchain.  You can think of a blockchain as a public ledger of all the transactions for a given cryptocurrency, with the data stored in multiple locations across a wide network instead of just one single node.

Since there is no central controlling entity, there needs to be a way to collect transactions into blocks.  That’s where the miners come in.  They create these blocks and every time their block is added to the chain, they are paid with the cryptocurrency they are mining.  The process of crypto mining is designed to be computationally intensive so the cryptocurrency is not devalued by the miners.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition between miners and on top of that, the number of miners is continuously growing.

Think of it like this.  You have a huge jar full of jellybeans and thousands of people trying to guess the number of jellybeans in the jar.  Each person can make as many guesses as they want so the person who is able to make guesses faster has a better chance of making the correct guess.


In the past, it was possible for one person to do crypto mining with just a regular PC.  Now there are companies with data centers full of high-end computing gear that do nothing but generate guesses and wait for the jar with the right number of jellybeans to come along.  Most individuals can’t afford the computer hardware or even the electricity that is required to power such an operation.  So instead, they turn to the World Wide Web.

There are websites that have crypto mining instructions built-in to them so that when you visit one, it uses your computer to do the mining.  You’re paying the bill and the owners of the website get to keep the profit. One of the first examples of this is the CoinHive program that ran when you visited Pirate Bay.  Since then, more mining programs have been created and lots of other websites that are using them.

Now, attackers have created ads containing the CoinHive cryptojacking program and are using Google’s DoubleClick ad system to display these malicious ads on YouTube.  Google was quick to say how good they are at catching ads that violate their policies but evidence indicates these ads ran for as long as a week.

How to protect yourself

There are some things you can do.  First and foremost, use a good anti-virus/anti-malware program and make sure you have the current updates installed.  Most AV programs will give you a warning if a website is hosting a cryptojacking program.

Another way to prevent cryptojacking software from using your computer is to block JavaScript applications from running in your web browser.  Firefox and Chrome have add-ons that will accomplish this. Safari has JavaScript disabled by default so unless you’ve gone into the settings and enabled it, you don’t need to do anything.

A third thing you can do is block ads.  The downside to this is that there are a lot of good websites that rely on ad revenue to keep running and to provide information and services free of charge.  My recommendation is to use ad blockers judiciously and rely primarily on your anti-malware software.