22 New Channels Added to Our Smart DNS Proxy

22 New Channels

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce the addition of 22 new channels to IronSocket’s Smart DNS Proxy service. Our Smart DNS Proxy service allows you to unblock over 200 streaming media sites from many countries around the world — including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. You can view the full list of channels currently supported (and request to add any unsupported streaming sites) [here].

In order by country, the new supported websites are:

– Fox Sports Australia (www.foxsports.com.au)

– Vtele (vtele.ca)
– Ztele (www.ztele.com)

– France2 TV (www.france2.fr)
– France3 TV (www.france3.fr)
– France4 TV (www.france4.fr)
– France5 TV (www.france5.fr)
– France TV Sport (www.francetvsport.fr)

– Amazon Prime Instant Video (www.amazon.de)
– Tivi.de (www.tivi.de)

Hong Kong
– HKTV (www.hktv.com.hk)

– Starsports (www.starsports.com)
– Setanta Sports Plus Asia (www.as.setantasportsplus.com)

– Netflix Mexico (www.netflix.com via Region Switching)
– Televisa (www.televisa.com)

New Zealand
– Sky Go NZ (www.skygo.co.nz)

– Netflix Sweden (www.netflix.com via Region Switching)

United Kingdom
– Amazon Prime Instant Video (www.amazon.co.uk)
– Quest TV (www.questtv.co.uk)

United States
– Soompi TV (tv.soompi.com)
– CNNgo (cnn.com/go)
– Telemundo (www.telemundo.com)

About Dan Johnson

Dan has been involved with computers in the early 1990s with a 2400 baud dialup modem. Since then, he has been working on various internet projects for over a decade and makes a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. Currently he works with IronSocket and some other online side projects, when not hiking through the pine forests around his house.