Announcing the Start of Beta Testing of the IronSocket Windows Client

We are very pleased to announce that we have begun beta testing our custom IronSocket client for Microsoft Windows systems. We created this client with our customers in mind, making it easier than ever to connect to our VPN network. You can also use it to configure DNS Proxy and to automatically whitelist your IP address.

Initially, participation in the beta testing program is by invitation only.  Over the coming weeks, we will be inviting more and more subscribers to join the beta program and in the very near future, it will be available to all subscribers.

About IronSocket

Our staff has been involved with computers since the early days of dial up modems. We have combined experiences spanning decades working on a multitude of internet based projects. One of our goals is to make a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. If you ever need to reach us, leave a comment, put in a ticket, or contact us using our website's contact us form.