Building a Better VPN Service

building the best vpn service
The Internet has a privacy problem. It knows who you are, where you are, where you’ve been, and it’s using that information against you.

  • There have been over half a billion personal records stolen since 2005.
  • The NSA collects data on over 100 million text messages and 800,000 financial transactions daily.

IronSocket’s journey began in 2005, when we created a website called “” with the simple goal of offering internet users the ability to browse anonymously and hide their IP addresses online. Hide My Net (or HMN) offered a safe haven for those who wanted to do something about the Internet’s privacy problem.

Over the course of 8 years, word spread about us and Hide My Net grew quickly, fostering a loyal following. The continued erosion of online privacy and rampant censorship of websites, information and services on the internet meant our customers had come to rely heavily on the service we offered. We had a responsibility to continue earning that trust.

Online privacy was the bedrock upon which we had built our reputation, but we were driven to offer more. In early 2013, we began laying the foundation for an ambitious and extensive overhaul of HMN that would combine ease of use with the modern feature set expected of the best VPN service available on the Internet. We wanted to offer users increased flexibility, more features, greater security and anonymity online, and increase the number of servers we offered exponentially. That’s when the first seeds of what would become IronSocket took root.

We identified a few cornerstones as key to the IronSocket experience;

Online Privacy – No VPN Logs, true online privacy and secure, anonymous browsing
Unblock Websites – Access to all of the internet, not just some of it
Simple, Powerful – Easy to use, with a deep feature set for those who want it
Always Available – Customer support team is easy to reach and approachable, 24/7

New Talent, and New Technologies
We knew we had a strong technological backbone to rely on, but to take our service to the next level, we started meticulously scouting and hiring gifted new talent and experienced engineers. This team would begin a complete reworking of the fundamental technologies and VPN server infrastructure that powered Hide My Net.

We authored new tools and created a new website, greatly improving the user experience and putting in place more powerful, robust security systems.

Restructuring as A VPN Service Outside the USA
If we were going to offer our customers true privacy, we had to put the legwork in. The team went back to the drawing board and began the painstaking process of reviewing the online privacy laws of countries across the globe in meticulous detail. We were rethinking the very structure of our VPN server network in an effort to create a secure, private VPN service restructured outside the USA.

The hard work paid off, allowing us to strategically expand our global server network and guarantee ironclad privacy to every single person that connected to the IronSocket network.

Online privacy and the ability to browse the internet freely are modest goals, but governments, hackers and marketers continue to tighten their grip on society. Our promise is that IronSocket customers should never have to worry about these things, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure they don’t.

About IronSocket

Our staff has been involved with computers since the early days of dial up modems. We have combined experiences spanning decades working on a multitude of internet based projects. One of our goals is to make a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. If you ever need to reach us, leave a comment, put in a ticket, or contact us using our website's contact us form.