EasyVPNConnect 1.2.0 Just Released

Greetings to all our EasyVPNConnect users and thank you for making our launch a success.  We’d like to offer a special thank you to everyone who helped us beta test our custom application. The feedback you gave us was invaluable.

In addition to developing versions for Android, iOS, and macOS, we also continue to refine and improve the initial release of our MS Windows version. To that end, we have just released version 1.2.0.

EasyVPNConnect 1.2.0 fixes two problems found in the previous version and adds a new feature.  The problems fixed in this version are:

  1. Windows update breaks OpenVPN
  2. The application gets stuck on “Loading”

With this release, we are also introducing the option to participate in our beta program. This program is for people who are interested in helping us test pre-release software.  Problem fixes and new features appear first in beta versions of the software.

If you select the Enable Beta Updates option in Application Settings, the app will inform you when there is a beta update available, and it will prompt you to download and install it. Participation in the beta program is voluntary and if you ever want to leave it, simply un-select Enable Beta Updates.

If you currently have EasyVPNConnect installed on your Windows system and you have it enabled to check for updates, you will automatically be notified that there is a new version available and it will prompt you to download and install it.

If you do not yet have our application installed on your system, then head over to our download page: https://ironsocket.com/download

As always, contact us with any questions you might have.


About IronSocket

Our staff has been involved with computers since the early days of dial up modems. We have combined experiences spanning decades working on a multitude of internet based projects. One of our goals is to make a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. If you ever need to reach us, leave a comment, put in a ticket, or contact us using our website's contact us form.