Happy July 4th! Win a Macbook Air with IronSocket and BestVPN!

IronSocket and BestVPN Giveaway
To celebrate America’s Independence Day, IronSocket is teaming up with BestVPN.com and giving you 25% off every new IronSocket subscription between July 4th and August 4th. Not only this, BestVPN is also giving you the chance to win an Apple MacBook Air. To find out more, head over to their BestVPN Coupons page.

IronSocket has been featured in many of BestVPN’s “top 5 best” lists as an international leading VPN. You can read their independent and unbiased review of our service here. They have also reviewed our DNS proxy service and found it outstanding. We are very proud to have BestVPN consistently rate us as a rock solid VPN provider and a great internet freedom solution.

About Dan Johnson

Dan has been involved with computers in the early 1990s with a 2400 baud dialup modem. Since then, he has been working on various internet projects for over a decade and makes a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. Currently he works with IronSocket and some other online side projects, when not hiking through the pine forests around his house.