Protecting Your Data from Cybercrime

During the past year nearly 700 million people were hit by cybercrime. A main vector for this is public Wi-Fi: the networks that are available for anyone to use in hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, airports, libraries, etc.

Many computer, tablet, and smart phone users are unaware of the danger they expose themselves to when they connect to these public networks without adequate protection.  Even if the web site you want to open is encrypted, you are not protected from hackers that are snooping on the network.  These networks can have devices connected to it that are doing the snooping or even worse, the network itself can be a honeypot waiting for the unsuspecting victims to connect.

When you’re connected to unsecured networks, all the information that your device sends and receives is completely visible to everyone else who is connected to the same network.  There are several tools that anyone can download for free that allow the user to capture all of your network traffic.

A good solution to this problem is to use an VPN utility.  Connecting to a VPN server will create a private tunnel through the public network.  Snoopers will be able to see that you are using VPN but your network traffic, and sensitive, private information will not be visible to their tools.

If you are an IronSocket customer and have not yet done so, take the time to configure your laptop, tablet, and smart phone with one of our VPN tools.  If the thought of doing this seems challenging, then contact our diligent customer service team and they will assist you to get things working.

About IronSocket

Our staff has been involved with computers since the early days of dial up modems. We have combined experiences spanning decades working on a multitude of internet based projects. One of our goals is to make a conscience effort to inform others about staying safe on the internet. If you ever need to reach us, leave a comment, put in a ticket, or contact us using our website's contact us form.