Protecting Yourself with VPN: DreamHost and the United States Department of Justice

“The United States of America, by and through its attorney, the United States attorney for the District of Columbia, hereby moves the court to order DreamHost, Inc. to show cause why DreamHost should not be compelled to comply with a warrant issued by this court…”

The warrant mentioned in the above quote, if you don’t already know, was obtained by the Department of Justice for the purpose of forcing DreamHost to hand over all data related to the website This website was used to help organize protests against the current U.S. administration on Inauguration Day, January 20.

It’s not unusual for companies with an internet presence to receive warrants requiring them to surrender information on specific individuals who are suspected of criminal activity. But in this case, the DoJ wants access to the IP addresses of everyone who visited this site, what content they viewed, photos, and anything else that might be there.

This is exactly why I keep banging on about the importance of using a VPN or proxy when you connect to the internet.

If you were an IronSocket customer and you visited this web site, the IP address that would get logged would be the IP address of our VPN or proxy server.  Your true IP address would not appear anywhere on this web site.

To further protect privacy:

  • Each of our servers only has one IP address which is shared by everyone who connects to it
  • We do not keep logs of our customers’ activities so there is no record of what people do when connected to any of our servers
  • We are incorporated in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region so any valid court order would have to originate in that jurisdiction.

Here’s the article that broke this news:

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