Save 50% Off VPN and a Chance to Win a Free IronSocket Subscription

It’s that time again! The annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale and giveaway is here. This time, we’ve decided to start a little early.

Starting now, you can save 50% off any IronSocket subscription using the coupon code “2015SALE” (or just click the link and we’ll apply the coupon for you.)

Along with the huge 50% discount, we are offering everyone the chance to win a FREE IronSocket VPN subscription. This year though, we’re giving away 5 FREE yearly subscriptions and 5 FREE 6-month subscriptions. We’re also using the help of Gleam to manage the competition.

Existing IronSocket subscribers can also use this coupon. While logged into your account, just go to and pay like you normally would using the coupon “2015SALE” on Step 3 of the payment process. Once paid, please contact customer support and they will manually add the additional time to your current subscription.

The ways to enter the contest are easy for everyone:

– Visit our Facebook Page
– Visit our Google+ Page
– Retweet our Tweet
– Follow us on Twitter
– Tweet with the #IronSocket hashtag
– Comment on this blog post (click the title to access the Disqus comments)

Everything will be available to join the competition, for free, using Gleam below.

(The contest has ended, the winners have been notified, and now the sale continues until December 10!)

IronSocket Free VPN Giveaway


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