Save Net Neutrality

Internet freedoms are being threatened globally.  This is true for even the United States.  If you’re a U.S. citizen, living at home or abroad, this is relevant to you.

Currently, the FCC is required to ensure that all Internet traffic is treated equally.  Internet service providers are not allowed to favor traffic from some websites over others.

The FCC, under the direction of the current administration, is proposing to reverse these net neutrality guidelines.  This would allow ISPs to control what passes through their networks.   They can speed up traffic from favored websites and from websites that pay for high-speed channels, slow down traffic from websites that don’t or can’t pay for high-speed, and even block any website they want for any reason.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has called for July 12th to be a day of protest.  Hundreds of websites for non-profit organizations, artists, small businesses, tech companies large and small will be taking action to defend net neutrality and an open Internet.  The goal is to send a strong message to Congress and the FCC:  Preserve Title II of the Communications Act and net neutrality.

You can help too.  The EFF has a web form for submitting comments to the FCC.  It’s quick, easy, and every bit helps.  Add your voice to the call to preserve Title II, net neutrality, and Internet freedom.  Visit the EFF’s Save Net Neutrality website and submit your comments today.


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