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Google Android L2TP Setup Instructions

Setting up L2TP

  1. Go to Settings > Wireless Controls > VPN Settings under the menu path.
  2. Find and Select 'Add VPN'
  3. Select 'Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN'
  4. Now, enter the connection details. Type the following:
    • VPN Name: (Generic title for the connection, example: IS-LAX-L2TP)
    • Set VPN Server: Enter a VPN server address which you can find on our Network Details page
    • Set IPSec pre-shared key: Set this to 'ironsocket'.
    • Enable L2TP secret: Leave disabled.
    • DNS Search Domains: Leave settings at default.
  5. Save your new VPN Connection. Once saved the VPN connection will be listed under the VPN Settings submenu.
  6. Tap your new VPN connection and select connect to network.
  7. Enter your VPN username and password and click connect. You may optionally remember your password in the dialer.