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DD-WRT Router L2TP Setup Instructions

Setting up L2TP

WARNING: The L2TP configuration on DD-WRT uses no encryption and is not secure.

  1. Browse to your DD-WRT Router in your Web Browser
  2. Select "Setup" under the main menu
  3. Select "Basic Setup" under the Setup Sub-Menu
  4. Select "L2TP" under "Connection Type"
  5. Enter your VPN username in the "User Name" field.
  6. Enter your VPN password in the "Password" field.
  7. Enter the L2TP VPN server address you wish to connect to under "Gateway (L2TP Server)". Example: Find the list of Server Addresses on our Network Details Page.
  8. Select "Yes" under "Require Chap"
  9. Select "Yes" under "Refuse PAP"
  10. Select "Yes" under "Require Authentication"
  11. Select "Keep Alive: Redial Period" under "Connection Strategy"
  12. Apply the settings to your router
  13. Your router will save, reboot and automatically connect to the VPN