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DD-WRT Router OpenVPN Setup Instructions

Setting up OpenVPN

Note: Make sure the 'Start OpenVPN Client' under Services > VPN is disabled on your DD-WRT.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Select a VPN Server Address that you wish to connect to. Click the link to go to the OpenVPN site.
  3. Enter your VPN Username and Password. Change the drop-down menu from 'Connect' to 'Login' and click the 'Go' button.

    Note: You can get your VPN credentials from the VPN Login Details section of the member's area.
  4. Click 'Yourself (user-locked profile)' and download the 'client.ovpn' file to your computer.
  5. Login to your DD-WRT router and navigate to Setup > Basic Setup.
  6. Under Network Address Server Setting (DHCP), fill up the DNS boxes:
    • Set Static DNS 1 to:
    • Set Static DNS 2 to:
  7. Uncheck the boxes next to the following:
    • Use DNSMasq for DHCP
    • Use DNSMasq for DNS
    • DHCP-Authoritative
  8. Set Time Settings to match your current location.
  9. Click Save and Apply Settings
  10. Navigate to Administration > Commands
  11. Click the link below to open the Startup Script template:
  12. Copy/paste the entire script to DD-WRT 'Commands' box.
  13. Edit "Your_VPN_Username" and "Your_VPN_Password" (include the quotes) with your own VPN credentials.
  14. Open the client.ovpn file that you've downloaded on Step 4 using Notepad (or any text editor).
  15. Copy the entire content of client.ovpn and paste between ##--BEGIN--## and ##--END--## of the Startup Script on the Commands box.

    Note: You may delete comments (i.e. lines that start with #) to minimize the size of openvpn.conf file.
  16. Find the line on the script that says 'auth-user-pass' and change to:
    • auth-user-pass /tmp/ironsocket/userpass.conf
  17. Click Save Startup
  18. Navigate to Administration > Management and click Reboot Router
  19. After your router restarts, visit our site and confirm your IP has changed in the top bar. If it has, congratulations you've now successfully setup your DD-WRT router as an OpenVPN client!
Note: To check the logs, telnet to your DD-WRT router and enter the command:
  • tail -f /tmp/ironsocket.log -n 100