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Google TV DNS Proxy Setup Instructions

Setting up DNS Proxy

Our DNS Proxy requires your Public IP Address to be authorized to access the service. You can head over to the IP Authorization page to configure your access. We also have this handy guide to follow if you need any help.
Note: Each manufacturer has a different implementation of Google TV. The guide below should be considered as a starting point. For exact details on how to change DNS settings on your device, please consult the manual included with the device.

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Select Ethernet or Wireless depending on the way you connect to the Internet
  3. Select Ethernet Settings or Wireless Settings depending on your selection in previous step
  4. Set Connection Type to Static
  5. Scroll down to DNS settings and type in:
  6. If there is a second box for entering DNS, type in:
  7. Click Save
  8. Restart Google TV

After your IP is authorized, you can start accessing geo-restricted channels to watch movies or listen to music.