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EasyVPNConnect Release Notes

Windows Release Notes

Version Release Notes
  • Bugs Fixed
    • The server list now refreshes unobtrusively in the background and will no longer become empty
    • The custom DNS input fields can no longer accept invalid IP addresses
    • Implemented system checks along with corresponding alert messages so the application will no longer become stuck on the "Loading" screen
    • Implemented a hard limit on the size of the log files so they can no longer grow to an unmanageable size
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Implemented a new VPN and application logging system to be significantly less resource intensive which in turn improves performance and functionality
    • Modified the application so it no longer performs unnecessary, resource-intensive system check when idle
  • Added new TAP Adapter issue detection and repair capabilities
  • Added new option to allow users to enable beta channel updates
    • Optional opt-in to download the latest beta version of EasyVPNConnect
    • New features will hit the beta channel for testing before the stable channel
    • Beta channel will update to the latest stable version if newer than beta version
  • First public release of IronSocket EasyVPNConnect
  • Updated various text throughout the application
  • Fixed bug with auto-reconnect that could potentially cause drop protection to fail
  • Fixed horizontal scroll bar on the DNS proxy screen
  • Fixed bug in installer that broke L2TP and PPTP on new installations
  • Added new setting to disable minimizing the application to the system tray
  • Rewrote the HTTP Proxy logic when using OpenVPN
    • Now supports hostnames as well as the previous supported IP addresses
    • Now supports inputting credentials for system proxies
    • Removed NTLM authentication option until OpenVPN improves implementation
    • Fixed a number of interface bugs when configuring settings
  • Updated OpenVPN binaries to 2.3.17
  • Improved bandwidth monitoring when using OpenVPN
  • Added new auto-reconnection logic when using VPN drop protection
  • No longer default to using the persist-tun OpenVPN option
    • New setting added to re-enable persist-tun as needed
  • Various UI Improvements
    • Added new icon for regions/servers that allow P2P
    • Improved UI performance when debug level logging is enabled
    • Added borders to improve contrast with background windows
    • Fixed "Confirm Exit" window from getting lost
    • Added window titles for secondary windows
  • Fixed bug where the wrong error message was being shown
  • Addressed a handful of reported application crashes
  • Improved log file entries to better identify connection issues
  • Now allow OpenVPN to run with a system level proxy enabled
  • Updated API requests to bypass system level proxies
  • Fixed issue causing high CPU usage on some systems
  • Fixed another reported application crash
  • Fixed 3 reported application crashes
  • Fixed VPN clean up logic when exiting the client
  • Improved the crash reporting system
  • Rebuilt API request logic to address a server issue
  • First Private Beta Version
  • Notable Features:
    • OpenVPN, L2TP, & PPTP VPN Protocols
    • DNS Leak & VPN Drop Protection
    • Advanced VPN Drop Protection (Kill Switch)
    • Automatic Server List Updates
    • One-click DNS Proxy Setup
    • Automatic IP Address Authorization
    • Automatic Client Updates