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iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) L2TP Setup Instructions

Setting up L2TP

  1. Go to Settings and click VPN
  2. Find and click 'Add VPN Configuration...'
  3. For Type, select L2TP
  4. Now, enter the server information. Type the following:
    • Description: (Generic title for the connection, example 'IronSocket - US Central')
    • Server: Enter a VPN server address which you can find on our Network Details page
    • Account: Enter your IronSocket VPN Username
    • RSA SecurID: Set to "OFF"
    • Password: Enter your IronSocket VPN Password
    • Secret: Set to "ironsocket" without quotes
    • Send all traffic: Set to "ON"
  5. To connect, click Settings and then select VPN.
  6. Select the VPN configuration you setup earlier and toggle the VPN to the "ON" position.