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iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) PPTP Setup Instructions

Setting up PPTP

  1. Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN under the menu path.
  2. Find and Select 'Add VPN Configuration'
  3. Select PPTP
  4. Now, enter the server information. Type the following:
    • Description: (Generic title for the connection, example 'IS LAX PPTP')
    • Server: Enter a VPN server address which you can find on our Network Details page
    • Account: Enter your IronSocket VPN Username
    • RSA SecurID: Set to "OFF"
    • Password: Enter your IronSocket VPN Password
    • Encryption Level: Maximum
    • Send all traffic: Set to "ON"
  5. To connect, click Settings and then select VPN.
  6. Select the VPN configuration you setup earlier and toggle the VPN to the "ON" position.