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Mac OSX OpenVPN Connect Setup Instructions

Download and Install the OpenVPN Connect Client
  1. Download the OpenVPN Connect installer here: Mac OSX OpenVPN Connect Client
  2. Go to your Downloads folder (or the location you saved the .dmg file), Control-click the file you've just downloaded and select Open to mount the install image.

  3. In the new window, Control-click the OpenVPN Connect Installer.pkg and select Open.

  4. Click Open

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Click Agree to continue.

  8. Click Install to start installation.

  9. Enter your Mac OSX Password to allow the installation and click Install Software.

  10. Click Close after the successful installation.

Download and Import OpenVPN Configuration Profiles
  1. Visit our Network page at
  2. Select the OpenVPN server location you wish to connect to and Click Get Profile

  3. Select the encryption level you would like to use and click Download to download your .ovpn profile.

  4. On the menu bar, you can see a new orange OpenVPN icon with an X. Click the icon to open the OpenVPN menu.
  5. Click Import and then select From local file...

  6. Browse to the folder where the .ovpn configuration profile was downloaded. Select the configuration file and then click Open
  7. After a successful import, you will see a bubble message that says The connection has been saved

  8. Repeat these steps to import additional profiles.

Connect to OpenVPN
  1. Click the OpenVPN Connect icon on the menu bar to open the OpenVPN menu, select the VPN profile you wish to use and then click Connect...

  2. If you get an OpenVPN Warning to allow VPN connection, click Yes
  3. Enter your VPN Username and Password and click Connect. You can find your login credentials on your VPN Login Details page.
    Note: Your VPN login credentials are not the same as your IronSocket website login details.

  4. When you have successfully connected, you will see a bubble message like ' connected'

Disconnect from OpenVPN
  1. Click the OpenVPN Connect icon on the menu bar to open the OpenVPN menu, then click for example Disconnect from