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macOS OpenVPN Setup Instructions

Setup Tunnelblick (macOS 10.5+) OpenVPN

  1. Download the latest Tunnelblick Application.
  2. Launch the Tunnelblick Installer you downloaded.
  3. A window will pop up with "Tunnelblick" and "Online documentation" files listed. Double click the "Tunnelblick" Icon.
  4. You may receive security warnings when executing the application, ignore these and click "Open".
  5. Tunnelblick will require your admin username and password for OSX in order to run properly, Enter this information.
  6. Tunnelblick will then install to your hard drive.
  7. After the installation is complete an "Installation Success" window will appear. Click the "Launch" button.
  8. On the first launch of tunnelblick it will state "You have no configuration files". Click the "I have configuration files" option.
  9. Tunnelblick will ask "What type of configuration files do you have?". Click the "OpenVPN Configurations" button.
  10. A new window will pop up saying 'An Empty Tunnelblick Configuration has been created'. Click 'Done'.
  11. Tunnelblick will then open an 'Empty Tunnelblick Configuration' folder.
  12. Open your browser and enter the OpenVPN access VPN server address you wish to connect to (example: A list of VPN Server addresses can be found on our Network Details page.
  13. Enter your VPN login and password. On the drop down menu change "Connect" to "Login" and click Go.
  14. Click 'Yourself (user-locked profile)' to download your custom client.ovpn. Copy it to the "Empty Tunnelblick Configuration" folder window opened in step 11.
  15. Rename the 'Empty Tunnelblick Configuration' folder to the name you want Tunnelblick to use for the connection and add an extension of .tblk (example 'New York.tblk'). When you do this, the icon for folder will change into a Tunnelblick VPN Configuration.
  16. Double-click the folder's new icon to install it. Allow the installation of the new configuration by entering you admin password.
  17. After the successful installation, click OK. Close all folders once done.
  18. From the Tunnelblick system tray icon in the top right hand corner, right click and select connect for the openvpn configuration file you added.
  19. In the Tunnelblick Log Output window the status message will change to "Connected" once connected.

How to make sure all traffic is routed through the VPN

  1. Launch Tunnelblick, click 'VPN Details..' and then click 'Advanced..'.
  2. Click 'While Connected' tab and check 'Route all traffic through the VPN'.