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Tomato Router PPTP Setup Instructions

Setting up PPTP

  1. Go to our Network Details page and select a VPN server address/hostname you want to connect to. Example:
  2. Then visit this page here to get the corresponding IP address of the VPN server address/hostname. Take note of the IP Address.
  3. Login to your Tomato router, usually
  4. Now in the menu, go to Basic > Network. Here, please set:
    • Type: PPTP
    • Username: Enter your VPN Username. See note below.
    • Password: Enter your VPN Password
    • Use DHCP: Check
    • Subnet Mask:
    • PPTP Gateway: Enter the VPN server IP that you got from step 2 (Example:
    • Use Options: require-mppe-128
    • Connect Mode: Keep Alive
    • Redial Internal: 10 seconds
    • MTU: Manual: 1400
    • Single Line MLPPP: Uncheck
    Note: Login to the VPN Login Details section of the member's area to get your VPN credentials (username and password)
  5. Click Save
  6. In the menu, go to Status and you will see if the VPN is connected via PPTP
  7. Once connected, go to to check your new IP address and location.