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Windows Vista DNS Proxy Setup Instructions

Setup DNS Proxy in 3 easy steps with IronSocket EasyVPNConnect

Step 1 – Download and Install EasyVPNConnect
  1. Download and run the IronSocket EasyVPNConnect Installer.
  2. Follow the installation instructions and once completed, run EasyVPNConnect
Step 2 – Select your DNS Proxy servers
  1. Select DNS Proxy in the menu bar across the top of the application
  2. In the DNS Proxy 1 drop-down list, select the server that is closest to your geographical location
  3. Set DNS Proxy 2 to the server that is the next closest to your geographical location
  4. Click the ENABLE button
Step 3 – Setup automatic IP whitelisting
  1. Visit the IP Authorization section of the member's area.
  2. Select an unused slot and click on the green Edit Slot button
  3. Find the Slot Type drop-down list, select EasyVPNConnect Token, and click Save
  4. Copy the token that appears in the Slot Type field
  5. Back in the EasyVPNConnect application, select IP Whitelist in the menu bar across the top of the application
  6. Paste the token in the Client Token field and click on the ENABLE button to activate
  7. Wait a couple of minutes after whitelisting your IP address and then check your configuration by going to If everything is configured correctly, you will see a green banner. If you see anything else, contact IronSocket Support for assistance.

EasyVPNConnect User Guide

  • IronSocket EasyVPNConnect was built to be simple and easy to use. There are however a number of advanced features and settings that you may be interested in. For more details, please refer to our User's Guide.