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Windows XP OpenVPN Connect Setup Instructions

Note: If you are updating/re-installing your OpenVPN Connect client, please close it first if it's already running.

  1. Select a VPN server from our Network Details page. Select where you want to connect to by clicking the server address link. (You can add more server locations after installing the OpenVPN Connect client).
  2. Enter your VPN login (username) and password. View details of your active subscription in your member's area to get your VPN login credentials. Change the drop-down menu from "Connect" to "Login" and click "Go".
  3. Click to download 'OpenVPN Connect for Windows'
  4. Open the 'openvpn-connect-' file you've just downloaded and click to install.
  5. As soon as it is installed, you will see the OpenVPN icon on your system tray.
  6. Click the OpenVPN icon to open the menu, click the VPN server address and then click 'Connect...'
  7. Check that you have the correct VPN username and enter your password. Then click 'Connect'
  8. Click 'Yes' to allow VPN connection to
  9. When you have successfully connected, you will see a bubble message like 'The connection to has been established'

How to add another server location / import a new profile?

  1. Click the OpenVPN icon on the system tray to open the OpenVPN menu
  2. Click 'Import' and then select 'From Server'
  3. Enter the VPN server address (example: and click 'Continue'
  4. Enter your VPN username and password. Then click 'Connect'
  5. After a successful import, you will see a bubble message like 'The connection to has been saved'.