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IronSocket Reviews

A collection of IronSocket VPN Reviews from around the 'Net

IronSocket provides an excellent all-round service with top grade encryption, a no usage logs policy, great performance results, and servers all over the world...access to DNS Proxy, HTTP Proxy and SOCKS5 Proxy servers adds value to an already tasty package.
While they are not the largest VPN provider around, IronSocket takes your privacy seriously. IronSocket provides several proxy services for their customers to use instead of VPNs; many other providers do not offer this. The proxy servers are offered for those times when privacy is not a concern, and you want to maximize your connection speeds.
Based in Hong Kong, this VPN service provides standard encryption and no usage log policy. With almost 50 servers across the globe, they are well developed internationally...after testing a trial account, we can say the servers perform very well and the service was breeze to setup.
We rate their support 10/10. They are very fast if you contact them via "contact page" for not registered customer and they have very (sic) ticket center for registered users. They will answer you really fast and guide you if you don't understand anything.
Overall IronSocket are most definitely a worthy contender for your business. They provide a good service at a more than affordable price. Some of the features that are on offer for such a low cost are simply amazing...
On the whole, we can only praise IronSocket SmartDNS. It does exactly what it needs to with very little fuss, and there is an abundance of information available on everything we could need ... if you're looking for top-end SmartDNS provider then this service could very well suit you.
Having the logging policies on each server around the world is a very nice touch and something that those particularly concerned with privacy will, no doubt, appreciate. This service has great features and plenty of protocols.
IronSocket has continued where HideMyNet left off, by offering an impressive VPN product, with servers located all over the world. The encryption methods used are top notch and the product is competitively priced, while the inclusion of DNS and other proxy services is a welcome bonus. Moreover, the support of P2P downloading represents a plus point over many other VPN providers on the market today.
A complete VPN/HTTP Proxy/DNS Service, good value vs price, excellent support, great support, listens to clients.

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VPN Creative has reviewed the services of HideMyNet before, and favorably so ... Just like the old version of IronSocket, the service provides nothing but top-notch VPN connections. The VPN service is compatible with numerous devices.
IronSocket works on everything. While there are other VPN's out there who don't support gaming consoles IronSocket supports even : Boxee, Apple TV, Roku. Truly impressive.
It comes with first class encryption, proxies, and the highest rated VPN protocols you can find. And you don't have to worry about privacy because there is no tracking of user activity and no logging records for the government. With its fast speeds and multiple global servers, it's just about everything you could ask for.
Every interaction I've had with this company has been professional and left me with a good vibe. In other good news, IronSocket recently lowered their prices. The company is also aggressively adding new servers. In fact, 11 new servers are in the Beta phase and will soon be launched as part of the regular server pool. Not counting the Beta servers, there are already 39 servers online.
IronSocket is attractive for many different, and important, reasons. It is not required to record the internet usage of its subscribers, and doesn't. They offer very fast connection speeds, and their servers are located all over the world.
The way I see it, IronSocket has no loopholes, and no nonsense! Just good old encryption and tunneling for internet users who want to unblock websites and protect their internet data while staying anonymous online. The prices are reasonable, the features are industry standard, the terms are clear, and the service is reliable - what more can you ask for?
Overall, we are happy with the service that IronSocket provides. With excellent encryption, fast speeds and a growing number of servers, this company is a strong contender among the VPNs on today's market. While we are not thrilled that the company keeps information about its subscribers on file, the fact that it is based in Hong Kong makes us feel confident that the privacy provided is more than sufficient.
To sum up, IronSocket is really convenient for your business or personal use. The service is excellent and the prices are affordable. Some of the features that other providers do not offer make this service a unique one and if you are looking for a service to meet your security and safety expectations, IronSocket is a highly recommendable one.
Our vision and desire to create a next-generation VPN and DNS service provider led to the creation of IronSocket, a simple, powerful, and affordable service that excels in areas our users have let us know are most important to them. provides thousands of users worldwide with free and private access to the web at the highest possible speeds. With VPN servers in approximately 35 countries around the world, and a large part of which allow P2P, you will always be able to connect to a fast server.
Overall, IronSocket overdelivers on most parameters. The company provides an affordable and secure privacy service that doesn't compromise on performance or privacy. So, if you are looking for a trusted privacy solution, check out the offers from IronSocket today.
IronSocket is a solid VPN service. They offer access to a large network of servers for a very reasonable price ... Otherwise you can use OpenVPN Connect and manual configuration to use the service. Their network was reliable and speeds were about average. I feel comfortable recommending IronSocket.
IronSocket offers a good set of basic features, as well as some that stand out like the DNS proxy, which is included with their packages. Other providers do not offer this option or charge extra for it, so that is a point in favour for IronSocket.