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Our Smart DNS Proxy allows you to unblock censorship filters and access websites, apps, and services from anywhere in the world. We do not log your activity at all!


Unblock Hulu, and 100+ More Channels From Anywhere in the World

Access Websites Such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

SmartDNS Unblocks Geo-Restricted Sites, All Others Retain Your Local IP

Quick and Easy Set Up, Access the Content You Want In Minutes

Minimal To No Impact On Your Connection Speed

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For as Low as $4.16 a Month

With Smart DNS, You Can Experience the Internet Like You Never Left Home

The main benefits of using this kind of proxy are the quick, easy set up and the freedom it offers. Users with no technical knowledge can set up a DNS proxy within minutes, and have the ability to access blocked websites, content, apps and services.

Perfect for Expats, Business Travelers, Tourists and More

Traveling businessmen, tourists and internet users outside major markets such as the US, UK and Canada often find themselves unable to watch and listen to content available on the largest streaming media services and social networks in the world. A DNS proxy allows access to any app and website supported by the service.

Doesn't Degrade Your Connection Speed

Because a DNS proxy does not route your connection, there is little to no impact on your connection speed.

And That's Only the Beginning of Your IronSocket Subscription

In addition to our DNS Proxy, all IronSocket subscriptions include our industry leading VPN services, HTTP Proxy and Socks5 Proxy protocols. For tech savvy and novices alike, get total Internet Access, Security and Privacy with IronSocket.

Experience the Power of SmartDNS With IronSocket

Only $4.16 a month / 7-Day Money Back Guarantee