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In the last few years, some of the largest companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Target, Sony, Adobe have lost the personal data of millions of users to hackers.

It's been revealed that governments across the globe - in cooperation with major tech giants - continue to engage in the violation of basic internet privacy rights.

The government, tech companies and hackers alike develop and employ a growing number of ingenious and underhanded methods to gather sensitive personal data. They sell it, log it, track it and analyze it for their gain.

The growing threat of cybercrime is real, and the increasing restrictions put on freedom of speech and uncensored access to the internet has made regularly using a virtual private network a necessity.

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Protect Yourself from Snoops, Hackers and Data Theft

A VPN provides you with your own personal gateway to the internet, encrypting any data that passes through the network. Many of the companies we trust with our personal data are attacked an average of 2 million times each week. In the US alone, there have been over 600 million sensitive personal records stolen since 2005. 61% of all data breaches affect financial institutions, retail environments, and restaurants.

Secure Your Online Privacy Against Government Spying

Recent events have pulled the veil back on the extent to which governments around the world collect, log, analyze and store personal records and communications over the internet. A virtual private network allows you to take matters into your own hands and keep your data private. None of our services log any of your activity.

Hide Your IP Address and Browse Anonymously

Marketers use cookies and tracking codes stored in your browser's memory to figure out your location, browsing habits, hobbies and interests, and then bombard you with pop-ups, obtrusive ads and spam. Because your connection is routed through a virtual private network server, all marketers see is the VPN server's IP address (and not yours), and an encrypted data set.

Access Streaming Media from Anywhere

The age of appointment TV is over. Viewers now stream music and video on demand from content networks such as Amazon, Spotify and more. Unfortunately, internet users in some countries are unable to experience this convenience due to location based restrictions. A fast VPN with a global server network allows you to easily change your IP address, making it look as though your computer is located in any country you choose, allowing access to a wealth of streaming content.

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Unblock Censorship Filters and Access Social Media

Social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are the lifeblood of the internet. People all over the world use these services to communicate with friends and family, or spread news about civil liberty violations and unrest. Some governments don't respect this freedom of expression, and put filters in place to block access. A virtual private network allows users to bypass all censorship filters and experience the internet without restrictions.

Secure Any Unsafe Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection

Many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and airports offer free Wi-Fi. Hotspots tend to be unsafe as data is often transmitted unencrypted in public places, allowing hackers to intercept and steal personal information. Because all data sent over a VPN network is automatically encrypted, hackers and snoops are unable to access or view it, making even unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots secure.

An Essential Service for Tourists and Traveling Businessmen

Apart from providing invaluable Wi-Fi hotspot security anywhere in the world, virtual private networks also make using the internet convenient for frequent travelers. Using a virtual private network, users can route internet traffic through any number of private servers located across the globe. Difficulties associated with online banking and accessing social media, websites, apps and streaming content from your home country become a thing of the past.

Works Across Multiple Devices

The best virtual private network providers offer a simple, easy-to-use interface. Once a device is connected, a VPN just works. Most virtual private networks work on Windows PC, Mac's, game consoles, set-top-boxes, smartphones and tablets, and are even configurable at the router level.