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macOS HTTP Proxy Setup Instructions

Configure HTTP Proxy on Safari

Our HTTP Proxy requires your Public IP Address to be authorized to access the service. You can head over to the IP Authorization page to configure your access. We also have this handy guide to follow if you need any help.
  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Network
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Proxies tab
  5. Select Web Proxy (HTTP)
  6. You should use the proxy server geographically located in the place you wish to connect to. If you want to watch BBC you should use a UK proxy server. If you want to watch Hulu you should connect to the closest US server location.
  7. You can view proxy server addresses on our Network Details page
  8. Select the server you wish to connect to and enter its HTTP Proxy IP address in the Web Proxy Server field
  9. Enter 443 into the Port field
  10. Select Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) and type-in the same Proxy IP address in the Secure Web Proxy Server field
  11. Enter 443 into the Port field
  12. Click OK to save your configuration